Using Instance Snapshots

Snapshots are a handy way to create point in time stills of your instance's disk. Making it easier to re-deploy, or spin up multiple staging and test environments.

To snapshot an instance make sure the server is running, then click " Create Snapshot" in the more menu. This process will make your instance unavailable while an image is captured. This will take a few seconds, and your instance will automatically be powered back on when the process is complete.

Once the snapshot is captured, it is converted, compressed, and transferred over the network to our image and snapshot storage pool. The snapshot will appear as queued while the backend processes wait and work on your image. Once this process is complete, the snapshot will appear in the Images & Snapshots view in your Dashboard as available.

Now when you go to launch a new instance, you can choose from any existing snapshot (of equal or greater flavour size) to deploy a new server. The restriction on snapshot sizes exists because if a snapshot's formatted disk size is large, it cannot be deployed onto a smaller disk.

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Last updated on 11th Nov 2015