Application | CloudBerry Drive

You can download CloudBerry Drive at

After running the installer, you have to reboot to load the virtual disk driver. Once complete, open the options menu and create a new account.

Options Menu


Once you click on the Add button, select under the Storage Account dropdown menu.

Create Account

In the Add Storage Account window, select CloudA as the Storage Provider.


Standard Login

For standard OpenStack Keystone authentication, which will authenticate to all of the containers in your Bulk Storage account, enter your specific credentials as follows:

    User Name                - your Cloud-A login username
    Api key                 - your Cloud-A password
    Authentication Service  -
    Tenant ID               - your Cloud-A tenant ID

Container Keys Login

For authentication using container specific API keys, which will authenticate only to the Bulk Storage container of your choice enter your credentials as follows:

    auth server             -<container_name> (replace with the name of your container)
    User Name               - Full-Key or Read-Key
    Api key                 - your Container Key
    Authentication Service  -
    Tenant ID               - your Cloud-A tenant ID

Testing / Debugging

Select “Test Connection" to ensure that the system has accepted your credentials.

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Last updated on 2nd Jan 2018