Installing CLI Tools

The recommended way to install the OpenStack CLI clients is via Python PIP. If you are using Linux, there may also be packages available from your distribution. These packages are typically out of date.

First, make sure you have the python setuptools and packaging tool pip available. If you do not have easy_install installed, you can follow the official install documentation.

# Mac OSX
$ easy_install pip
# Ubuntu / Debian
$ apt-get install python-pip
# Windows
C:\> easy_install pip

The following pip install command will install the all of the OpenStack clients that we have support for, and you can use to do advanced operations using our services. We make use of

  • Nova - Compute API
  • Keystone - Authentication client, often used to get tokens, or list services.
  • Glance - Imaging client, commonly used for uploading base images.
  • Cinder - Volumes client, allows you to manage (create / delete / attach) your volume storage.
  • Neutron - Advanced Networking client, performs a slew of networking operations.
  • Swift - Block storage client, enables file upload/download and container management.

Installing the toolset is simple:

$ pip install python-novaclient python-keystoneclient python-glanceclient python-cinderclient python-neutronclient python-swiftclient

Downloading/unpacking python-novaclient
Running egg_info for package python-novaclient
[pbr] Excluding argparse: Python 2.6 only dependency
[pbr] Processing SOURCES.txt
Downloading/unpacking python-keystoneclient
Downloading python-keystoneclient-0.8.0.tar.gz (247Kb): 247Kb
Running egg_info for package python-keystoneclient
Downloading/unpacking python-glanceclient
Downloading python-glanceclient-0.12.0.tar.gz (123Kb):
123Kb downloaded
Running egg_info for package

And there you have it! You now have the set of command line tools required to interface with Cloud-A. Next you will want to configure your system to authenticate using your Cloud-A credentials.

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Last updated on 15th Jan 2016