Navigating the Client Portal

When you have successfully entered all of your contact information and your credit card has been verified, you will gain access to the Cloud-A client portal.

The Client Portal helps you manage all of your Cloud-A account details. The portal lets you easily sign up, modify your billing profile and view past invoices.

Cloud-A provides $10 credit to new customers. We know jumping on to the cloud (or changing cloud providers) isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. To truly realize the value of the cloud, we want you to be able to run a full-scale deployment on our infrastructure. So, use your $10 credit however you like: choose from all our our instance sizes (as many as you need) and use all the storage you require. For more details, check out our pricing page. The $10 in credit will be reflected in your client portal.

Summary Page

The summary page is the landing page of the Cloud-A client portal.

Client Portal Summary

Account Overview

The account overview portion of the summary page provides you with account details including: last invoice amount, last invoice status, any available account credits, your referral code for our Affiliate Program, and the corresponding number of accounts that you have referred.

Your referral code is your gateway to recurring revenue for getting people onboard the Cloud A train. When you're referring clients or friends, simply attach your referral code to any url and we'll be able to track it. Even easier, you can use one of the examples below.

Any new, paying customer will generate 15% recurring on any instances spun up by a client that you refer that isn't paid for by account credits.


The right portion of the summary page will provide you with a breakdown of your month-to-date-usage and breakdown your usage associated with each “SKU” which can be virtual machines, volume storage, Bulk Storage, load balancer, additional IPs.

Last 5 Invoices

The bottom portion of the summary page will provide you with a list of your last 5 invoices with each date of invoice, each invoice ID and each invoice amount.

Invoice Page

The invoices page provides you with a list of all the invoices that you have amounted while using Cloud-A infrastructure-as-a-service. The list will provide you with information about your invoices such as the date of each invoice, each invoice ID and each invoice amount.

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Last updated on 31st Aug 2015