Authenticate via CLI Tools

In order to use the CLI tools, you must first authenticate to Cloud-A. This is typically done by setting environment variables on your system which the clients use automatically.

OSX & Linux

The OpenStack RC file is a bash script which contains predefined environment variables for your user. You can download it directly from your Dashboard under your user drop down menu -> API Access ( Make sure to save the file somewhere that you will easily remember (typically in your user's home directory).

Once you have downloaded your RC file, simply "source" the file prior to using the CLI clients in your shell of choice.

source <PATH_TO_RC_FILE>


The default OpenStack RC file is only built for UNIX-based systems, so it will not work on Windows. This means that we have to set our environment variables manually.

This can be accomplished by going into your Control Panel, scrolling to the System and Security section, and clicking on System. From that window, you will see an Advanced tab, wherein you can set your environment variables. Below is a list of variables and what their corresponding values should be:

  • OS_USERNAME - The user that you use to login to Cloud A (typically your email address)
  • OS_PASSWORD - Your Cloud A password
  • OS_TENANT_NAME - Typically the same as OS_USERNAME
  • OS_AUTH_URL - Set to https://keystone.<region-name>, replacing <region-name> with name of the target region to authenticate with
  • OS_REGION_NAME - The name of the target region to authenticate with
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Last updated on 10th Nov 2017