2FA / OTP Account Security

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, by it's definition allows you to secure your account via a second "factor" rather than just a password. Because passwords can be read or stolen, and are a single piece of information that any malicious person needs to access your account, a second factor called One Time Passwords or OTP are used and linked to a physical device that is on your person -- so you know that the person logging in is truly you. This added security will thwart would-be attackers even if they know your account password.

Configuring 2FA / OTP on your account

Turning on 2FA can be done by visiting your Account Settings page and clicking the Enable 2FA/OTP button.

OTP Configured

This will generate your private key and show you your QR code and recovery codes, as well as provide you with a quick OTP test mechanism to confirm your settings. Make sure you read all of the instructions on the Account Settings page, and subsequent setup pages to make sure everything goes smoothly. To ensure that security is maintained, some information can only be provided to you on setup, so make sure not to lose it.

Turning off 2FA can be done be visiting your Account Settings page and clicking the Disable 2FA/OTP button after logging in successfully with your OTP credentials.

Recovery Codes

If you are ever stranded without your device and need emergency access to your account, we generate and provide you with 4 codes that can be used as your OTP code which do not expire until they are used. Each recovery code can only be used once, and will be expired immediately after successful use. You can track how many recovery codes you have remaining on your Account Settings page.

Mobile Applications

Our 2FA / OTP implementation is compatible with any Google Authenticator compatible mobile application.

We highly recommend FreeOTP for managing your OTP credentials. It is free, secure, standards-compliant, and open source. The app is available for download on Google Play for Android, as well as the App Store for iOS devices.

Traditional / API Login Support

For systems or applications that do not support our multi-factor authentication yet, or interacting with our APIs in an automated way, we suggest creating another team member on your account with only the Ops role, and a very strong password which would act as an access token whose sole purpose is performing those tasks.

This way, any issues that arise with the security of that account can be mitigated by changing the password, and having it only effect the single system requiring the authentication information.

API Specification

If you are interested in adding support for our Keystone 2FA / OTP implementation to your project, you can view our user API Documentation for specific details. Users with OTP enabled are restricted to using the Keystone V3 APIs, as the deprecated V2 APIs do not support the extensibility required to add this extra layer of security.

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Last updated on 8th Jun 2016